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No Power, No Problemo…..

People often ask what I miss in the States. While I sit here writing this blog, my power went out.. again… I have a battery backup that lasts for 2 hours so I will continue working until either 1) My power comes back on or 2) until the battery backup dies. Soooo one thing I miss about the States.. continuous power. 🙂

Losing power is an hourly occurrence here on the mountain. Most times it comes back on within a minute. Other times, it takes days. Also, although we have a water pump for all of the houses on the mountain, often times, especially in dry season the well needs repairs or needs the water to be pumped manually. I am the first to lose it and the last to get it back. (Of course). But luckily we have Chimbolo who gets us back up and running as quick as he can.

Losing power and water are just 2 things that have made me stop, look around and say “No problem, not the end of the world, it’ll be back before you know it”. Something I am grateful to have learned here and wish more people could have the experience. 🙂

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