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Happy Anniversary to ME!

Three years ago TODAY, I signed final papers and took possession of my property in Nosara, CR. Been a long, strange, fun, educational, adventurous, trying, interesting, expensive, eye opening, exciting experience. Have met some wonderful people from all over the World and have been screwed by others, from all over the World. I’ve learned a new language (or at least part of and still trying), new culture, weather patterns and issues. Have learned to deal with power outages, sometimes lasting 5 minutes, sometimes for days. Sometimes once a day, sometimes Every 20 minutes for a whole day. I’ve learned to deal with no water for an hour or for 4 days. (Love my pool on these occasions) I’ve learned to live without a garbage disposal and dishwasher… (you try it, not so easy my friends) I’ve leaned more about wildlife and their different poops than I care to imagine. I see Monkeys in my backyard almost daily and don’t think twice about it.. But still act like a kid at Christmas when I see them. I see a 7 year old boy riding bareback on a horse, with 5 tethered horses following him to his next horseback riding tour, no parents or adults around and don’t think twice about it. Herds of cows are my traffic jam. Is it hard sometimes? Hell to the Yeah! Do I miss my family and friends that know me, my hand gestures, my accent and my personality……..OH YES. Do I regret it? Not for one minute. Anyone who knows the path that brought me here knows that being here full time was NOT the plan. Working every day, in a business that I’ve never done before (resort-vacation rental) in a country that I did not know the language, (Cerveza and Bano do not count), knows how very hard it has been, especially doing it on my own…. but the things I’ve learned and people I have met, (even all of the DR’s who took care of me with all of the many accidents I’ve had) (too many to count now) have changed my life forever. Some for the good, some, not so much. Only 3 years, but in jungle, mountainlife time, feels like 30. So Thank you to everyone, near and far who have always supported me, helped me, randomly checked on me with a simple fb message “thinking of you and miss you”, sent me funny stuff on fb to cheer me up, let me rant on for hours when I had no one around but the cats, came here or sent people here to keep me in business, xoxo. THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart. Who knows what the next 3 years will bring, hopefully not as many accidents and more fun people from all over the World that I get to learn from and become friends with. And if a nice, single, hard working, resort/Restaurant loving, funny, self made (no more sugah Momma for me Thank you) guy happens to be part of the next 3 years…. WAHOOOOOO! SLAINTE’, PURA VIDA AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ME ON MY 3RD YEAR HERE. Buenas Tarde everyone!!! Pictures are of the first day I took possession, then “after pics”

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