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Wildlife Gallore.... :-)

Boy oh boy what a busy 2 days of wildlife here at the La Vista Montana Resort. I see the Howler monkeys and Pizote's almost every day here and it never gets old. Lately they have been hanging out allll day instead of simply in the morning or afternoon. So many little babies, and teenagers, Moms and Dads.

Today after the Howlers moved on for a bit, the Capuchin (white faced) Monkeys showed up. They move so fast and are SO different from the Howlers. They stare you down, move up and down when they see you looking at them. They have a higher pitch too. Of course no day would be complete without my resident Iguanas here too. Mr. & Mrs .... Hangin out in the trees napping most of the day. I'm usually closed on Mondays so I have a chance to head into town to do banking, shopping etc. today however I had a local call from the gate to ask if he and his Dad could come in for a beer. ABSOLUTELY! If you make that trek up the mountain, I will absolutely reward you with opening the gate and the PUB to enjoy a nice local craft beer or two. The guys enjoyed the Amber from Angry Goats and the Stout from Costa Rica Craft Brewery. Loved them actually. Today I had a nice guy from Chicago pull up on a 4 person golf gart. If he can make it from Playa Guiones in a GOLF CART there is no excuse not to come on up. :-) He enjoyed few Pilsens and we had a great chat before he headed off to Yoga.. :-) I always enjoy seeing repeat guests, especially locals, and meeting new ones, especially with their family members. After all, an Irish Pub is like a family. You never meet a stranger, just a new friend, especially here at K-Rae's Black Sheep Pub. Never a dull moment and just one of the many reasons I LOVE my house in the mountain. Pura Vida :-)

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