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Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style...

Another year, another Thanksgiving in Costa Rica. I had originally decided to go the lazy route and head to a restaurant for a traditional turkey, stuffing mashed potato, gravy etc meal. Then I remembered Thanksgiving pasts and the thought of sitting upright in a chair, strangers watching while I unzip and let loose the full belly I was sure to have, would not be pretty. I also had spoken with several friends that didn't have an extra $75-$100 for the meal and drinks. As I've done for so many years in the past at my three other K-Rae's in South Carolina, I decided to host an "orphan" type Thanksgiving. Those of us with no family and the need for the traditional meal, would gather here, in my home. For at least one day this big property would be my home and not my "resort" and we would have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Pot Luck and BYOB. The list was filling up quick and by the big day we had 22 people and all the fixins. Zach, a newbie to town, with his girlfriend Amanda, whose Dad has lived here for years, offered to buy the turkey and we would cook it in my turkey fryer up here. I hadn't used it since the Last Thanksgiving at K-Rae's Waterway and of course I waited until the day before to test it. Yup.. I forgot it takes a US Propane tank which is not allowed on a shipping container So as usual I own 5 propane tanks, all of which are in SC. LOL Not to frett, Super Nosara carries them and one was delivered later that day. I admit, I was a tad nervous when Zach arrived and announced that he had never fried a Turkey before so he googled it and asked his Dad. Well for a first time Turkey fry chef, it was DELICIOUS! Great job and I'll be asking him to cook every year. :-) I set up the meal as a buffet and after a few hours of swimming, drinking, chatting and mingling, we all sat down to a delicious meal, with perfect weather and wonderful company. Despite the fact that most of the 22 people had never met and despite the different age groups, political affiliations, Nationalities, different cities of origin, everyone had such a nice time getting to know each other. We even had Holly, also new to the area, giving free massages on her massage table in the beer garden with the view of the mountains. What a great, relaxing, fun day. Can't wait until next year. :-)

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