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Saturday fun with friends, old and new

What a GREAT day we had today. A group of expat friends came up for the day and while they were here a couple staying in town from California and another group of 3 (2 awesome young ladies and a gentleman from Chicago). Everyone started chit chatting and eventually moved their tables together and it became one big happy group! Eating, drinking, swimming, chatting, laughing.... Then the Howlers showed up! For the tourists who hadn't seen them yet it was perfect timing. They hung out in the trees next to the beer garden and moved along to above the bar where they watched while swimming in the pool I heard one of the girls say, "How cool is this, swimming with a delicious craft beer in hand while chatting with new people and watching a large family of monkeys hang out in the trees above"! that's exactly what I've been trying to tell people. :-) The views are AMAZING, the wildlife that you see is incredible and of course the food and service are the BEST! (If I do say so myself).. It's days like yesterday that make me stop and remind myself.... "this is my home and the reason I moved here."

So a big Thank you to Pam, Louis, Shelly, Jim, Nikki, Joe, Kim, Chris, Alex, Sarah and Tom for such a fun, laid back, "friendly" kind of day! Have a great Night Everyone! Pura Vida.

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