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Road Trip.. Volume 1 -Nov 19

Every few months my friends Dickie and Sam come to town for a few weeks. They own a condo here and enjoy exploring new places as much as I do. Soooo when they said they were coming for 5 weeks this time I couldn’t have more excited. One Monday, Sam rented a car and we went to Liberia for a day of shopping. Since I have the restaurant AND I have to do my 90 day border runs, I take advantage of that time to shop around the “big city” of Liberia. Prices are so much lower and the selection of certain items that you can’t find in Nosara are a big draw. We did the usual Magic Mundo. lunch at the Borghatzi right behind it. Zen, to look for lamps, Walmart for “stuff”, Islena for wines and Do it Center for pool supplies. Of course we arrived at the Do it Center at 6:05 and yes, you guessed it, they close at 6pm. LOL We took our time driving back and ended our night with a drink and a meal at Il Peperoni. Nice girls day.

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