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Rainy Season Fun....

Hello Hello Everyone!

Well last year I was in the US from August 24 to October 5 visiting family and packing up 2 storage units and part of a house into a 40' shipping container for shipment to Nosara, CR. Since I was not here for this, our "rainy off-season", I have chosen to stay open for business Wednesday through Sundays. If I'm not open, I won't know what kind of business we may do these months. Many businesses close for Sept or Oct or both. Many take this time to vacation, visit family/friends or do necessary maintenance. For me it's been a great opportunity to gain new customers. I've had so many new families with small children come up for the pool etc. Lot's of new Tico's and Tica's have discovered the fun, tranquil, relaxed Pub with views and pool so close to town. Many new "local Expats" who have lived here for years that have been meaning to come check it out and are finally doing so. One thing they all have in common? Their reactions... :-)

"WOW, it is GORGEOUS up here.. this food is awesome..... These views of the mountains, the ocean, the monkeys, birds etc are crazy.... I can swim in the pool?.... you have Fried Pickles, Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, Corned Beef Reuben...? This is like a REAL Irish Pub in the jungle!.... You have rooms for rent? .... I feel like I'm not in Nosara anymore"... I LOVE it!

I didn't realize until a few months ago how rare it is for most people to see this view and I love to share it. When a storm rolls in, the clouds sit in the mountains and valley, the breeze kicks in.. Crazy loud thunder, brightest lightning I've ever seen. Sunrises, sunsets, full moon rising over the mountains. It's spectacular and to have people enjoy it with me is just icing on the cake.

If it rains too hard, I grab the darts and start practicing a game I used to play every week on a league. Bullseye still gets me every time but I am practicing by gollie.. (Look out Ian McKenzie)

So in a nutshell, September is almost over, fingers crossed we don't get the flooding we endured last year and October is the same. I'll get more new peeps discovering this gem in the jungle and before you know it, high season will be here.

Until next time... Be Safe and Pura Vida


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