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Meeting and Greeting.......

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been a busy, interesting week here at the K-Rae's. When I say busy I don't always mean crazy busy with lots of people but busy with a nice small group of people that I sit and chat with for hours learning all about there lives. Where they are from, what they do for a living, their history, their culture.

I met a wonderful couple and their son who live in the Cayman Islands. He is a DR., she owns her own IT business and have lived in Cayman for 26 years. Another couple from Germany and their 2 young boys. He owned a very popular nightclub and retired early. They just moved here and their kids will be starting school at Del Mar Academy soon. Two guys come up regularly, smoke cigars, drink draft beer and just chill for hours under the beer garden. I sit and talk with them and learn all about their wives, kids, grandkids. We talk about the different areas of Costa Rica, how much Nosara and the surrounding area has exploded in the last year. What to do for fun in town, in the country. Where to rent quads, where to eat, drink, zipline, hot springs, monkey refuges, turtle time on the beach... So much to talk about and to learn.

Although i was able to do this a bit at K-Rae's Waterway Bar & Grille, K-Rae's Beach House, K-Rae's Pubs 1 & 2, I never had the chance to really listen and learn about so many different cultures and countries. It is why I moved here and why I don't mind when it is not so busy that I am "in the weeds" every day.

How cool is this life?

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