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Great Day to be a Resort Owner in Costa Rica :-)

Today was a GREAT day. Anyone in the Restaurant/Hospitality/Resort biz knows .. one day you love it, next day you hate it, next day you love it.. and so on and so on.. Today I have a mother and her 2 -20ish year old son and daughter from California in one cabina, a couple from England and Sweden and their 2 kids in another, and a couple from Germany checking in tomorrow. My friends Amanda and Zach at High Tide Inn & BBQ sent a couple from Greece and France, staying at their place to see me. They took a tuk tuk. Within a few minutes they met and joined my guests from Sweden/England. They hung out, ate, drank and chatted for hours. My guests in the other cabina came back and joined in. How awesome it was to hear all of the different languages, cultures, beliefs, all getting along and enjoying the almost full moon rising in the background, the music, food and company. The night ended with me trying to arrange transport back for them and when I couldn't get in touch with anyone, I left all doors wide open, guests hanging out in the bar and beer garden and me driving the couple back to the High Tide Inn, over the river. Went in to say hello and had two beers bought for me, chatted with Amanda, Zach, Liz and Jon. Came back to tables cleared, glasses and dishes washed and all but one guest comfy in their rooms. The one guest on his phone video chatting his girlfriend asking if I needed him to be done so I could "close up". What?


:-) Today was a GREAT day. Buenas Noches and Pura Vida.

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